Contemporary Australian Poetry

Deviation Road by Rachael Mead

Overflow by Charlotte Guest

After a Moment on Film

by Lucy Dougan


Everything comes up to hit you,

is contained in that moment

of lingering by the photo.

The photo is silent, of course,

—and land-locked—

but the wave sound is in it,

or some whoosh of time’s backwards wash

disorienting as being dumped in the rough,

and with a colour, or colours,

of a day lost by water.


All the characters can say for sure

is that she was a crap driver,

is that perhaps on that day

she was not careful;

and that she is missed,

gone missing,

irrevocably, all these years set by

with the bric-a-brac on the sideboard.

Lucy Dougan's books include White Clay (Giramondo), Meanderthals  (Web del Sol) and
The Guardians (Giramondo); and her prizes The Mary Gilmore Award and The Alec Bolton Award. She works for the Westerly Centre at UWA and as poetry editor for the journal Axon: Creative Explorations. She holds a PhD from UWA concerning representations of the city
of Naples.