Contemporary Australian Poetry

The Memory of Earth by AnnaMaria Weldon

An Aria, before the Requiem

by Richard James  Allen


As much as we have to begin

we have to end


As much as we are magic

we are dust


As much as we can say

we also cannot say

or remember or even forget


We are so much more

and yet less

than the tiny fulcrum

between nothingness

and everythingness

 that we imagine for ourselves


Surely now     or now

or now


The music will begin

Australian born poet Richard James Allen’s recent collection of poems, Fixing the Broken Nightingale (Flying Island Books) is his tenth book as a poet, fiction, performance writer and editor:

Widely published in anthologies, journals and online since winning the ‘under-21 section’ of the English Teachers Association of NSW National Writing Competition in 1980, Allen has been the recipient of numerous awards, nominations, grants, as well as opportunities for presentations, screenings and broadcasts,in a unique international career as an acclaimed writer, director, choreographer, filmmaker, performer, new media artist, and scholar.

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