Contemporary Australian Poetry

A History of the Siege by Petra White

 Waiting for rain by Beth Spencer

Ancient professors
by Christopher Konrad Silence like a throng of light in northern valleys when all around
violins and trumpets: of wombats the step so sure
slipped easily into the spirit-sound of
fish-eye hooked upon porcelain sky 
It’s important to keep still these days
lest the roving-lens track you
media flashes enflesh you
it’s sunny-side up or the
trans-fats will kill you - if not them
then some guy with a rusty knife on
the seven o’clock news I thought I’d
left all that behind on my last desert journey 
… apparently not as the wound
opens-red like gaping cuts in a
Perceval angel hollow eyes and
spaghetti hair they could keep me
company anytime anywhere
especially there in Shepparton
where the streets are wide the malls
wider still 
… but let no one say there is no art
there and silence let no one say the
place does not herald some sort of
prowess especially not some ancient

Christopher is a Western Australian writer. He has co-authored a recent book of poetry with two other WA poets, Sandfire (2011) published by Sunline Press and has poems and short stories published in many journals and on line. He currently teaches social sciences in Melbourne.