Contemporary Australian Poetry

The Memory of Earth by AnnaMaria Weldon

Forgetting to buy the nets by Lisa Jacobson

as doctored as the sun: a suite of fremantle poems

by Robert Wood


Arts Centre


the harp is an organ is a rose

the shadow-internal

clinks, nature is a video is a


visceral boots






a sense ends, with a stop

fifty five years off

light as a hat

pen, sill

graft mangoes the real




Maritime Museum


a shell

a husk


ritual, marvel, beachcombed

plastics, plastics, jawdropping crayfish

as if the opera were all that mattered




Cappuccino Strip



chewing on lamb twine

roasted-sour, open, dingo-

distant red and bearing

solidaridad foaming to the north

grounded street, war-ve




Bathers Beach


hop on hop off hopalong casually

summer masters, masterfully

apprenticed to the dice

engrained as salt,

of the earth’s universe




Military Museum


hold nothing back

diabetic more-ish-ness

blackmilk becomes brownmilk

silkmilk becomes whitemilk

and all the kings were meant

R D Wood is currently Politics Editor with Peril and Commissioning Editor with Cordite.
His next book heart-teeth will be published by Electio Editions by the end of the year.
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