Contemporary Australian Poetry

Being Beaut by Toby Fitch

 Deviation Road by Rachael Mead


by Ross Jackson


Human rock wallaby, paws smudged with charcoal

ascending you saw up close

snow gum slopes, their ridge lines

spiked with the tusks

of ghostly timber;


from up there, where there’s room to fly

under a mantle of sunshine

those ridges whitened by fire

seemed to move away


like a sea

from Mount Feathertop

fold upon fold upon fold.


You unzipped

your backpack, ate your apple.


When that other climber crouched

to answer his mobile phone


bits of his home life

were blown away from the cliff


towards that city

you could no longer see.

Ross Jackson resides in Perth and his poems have appeared in Westerly, Regime, Cordite, Rabbit, Unusual Work, Eureka Street, Poetry New Zealand and in other journals. Sazanami was highly commended in the 2014 Tom Collins Poetry Prize and he was awarded second prize in the 2014 Poetry d’Amour.