Contemporary Australian Poetry

The light by Jackson

 AT THE SUMMIT by Ross Jackson

Being Beaut

by Toby Fitch


ashen face from cookies & cream

hurled over the canon into Sydney

Harbouring such a melée

helps to keep me regular my guns

crystal clean she lips me


XXX times our bones

rattling off covers like skins

rise & droop amid the hiss

& thunderclaps her mum

look weirds me out but


only for a sec before the dark

bursting colours of our lives dance on

& off like a TV’s tongue magnetic

damaged meat our bodies

tremble open spewing forth


ghosts into circulation

deaf to the swelling muzak Death

’s got the sniffles it’s beaut

just being like snow or whatever

whoever the flake we are

Toby Fitch is the author of Rawshock (Puncher & Wattmann 2012), which won the Grace Leven Prize for Poetry, and two chapbooks, Quarrels (Stale Objects dePress 2013) and Everyday Static (Vagabond Press 2010). His latest collection is Jerilderies (Vagabond Press 2014). He has a book of inversions forthcoming.