Contemporary Australian Poetry

Untitled No. 2: unhinged by Scott-Patrick Mitchell

 On a Headland by Jane Frank

drinking why

by Kevin Gillam


I guess you can hear the worms working.

was your fall gracious?

you’ve one wing splayed, pointing skyward


your plumage suggests diurnal,

male obviously, being so garish

and I guess you can hear worms working


eyes open, glazed like stars forsaken,

piercing infinity, drinking why,

one wing splayed skyward


and ants will come, seething black ropes,

swarming, feeding on your story.

I guess you’ll still hear the worms working?


then wind, whittling at hollow bones,

thieving your commas, your full stops,

one wing still splayed, skyward


‘too close to the sun’ they prattle,

but too far from dreams?

with one wing splayed skyward.

I guess you won’t hear the worms working

Kevin Gillam: is a West Australian poet with three books of poems published, “other gravities” (2003) and “permitted to fall” (2007) with Sunline Press, and “songs sul G” (2011)
in ‘Two Poets’ with Fremantle Press.

He works as Director of Music at Christ Church Grammar School.