Contemporary Australian Poetry

Hood Wink by Corey Wakeling

Untitled by Jonothon Twist




…but enough with creatures


the lowlands glazed liquor brown,

the half-truths of local history,

murmuring each AM


 a frown embedded as you

get used to pockets of upturned

earth as tombs, that range

cultishly along the high roads




for tomorrow's solace I'll rest

                                                                                     on haunches by the fence at dusk


wondering if there were reeds

in the dam when you moved here



Great divide

by Barnaby Smith


on the verandah last

night when a slug crawled

up my wineglass we

were squirming gracefully in

the realm of judgemental words

on a particularly cruel evening

to kangaroos making cacophonous love

yards away


a mosquito bite on my eyelid

brings softness


an uprooted stem kissing us all

Barnaby Smith is a writer, journalist, musician and poet who for now is based in Northern NSW. Website: