Contemporary Australian Poetry

Waiting for rain by Beth Spencer

Untitled No. 2: unhinged by Scott-Patrick Mitchell


by Alice Savona


tik tak

butterfly vat

; the eyes of your whites too close again


honchoed slip in self


your bullock neckline

drunk on our corridors {


eat me officious & right me with cream



6 months, of interrelated skirts + smiles

at night : I write : or detail the bannisters

looking forward to liverwurst



then you switch to the soul of a Datsun

blossy       blind       cc’d

scent of our OCD, see

Alice Savona is a writer and psychologist, who resides in Woodend.
She learnt an art of poetry from her writing teacher Claire Gaskin.
After the work of swerves that it takes, she is now a bit published:
Rabbit no. 10: Gravity
Rabbit no. 14: Deviations
Upcoming Antipodes journal...