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On a Headland

by Jane Frank


You’re close behind me. We’re looking

at a wind farm out in the firth,

hair whipping our faces. I’m happier

than I’ve ever been, in the latest frame


of our film. Sun pours down

from a baroque sky, the water endless

blinding lustre that makes us blink. But

there’s not much longer. To press my


back against you. Feel your hand

trace my hip. You’re in profile as I turn

to you and the spooling slows. For a moment

I imagine how we must look


from way above. Two specks almost

inseparable, caught in the world’s wide

angle lens. Until things speed up,

swing back in focus. A bird swoops


low against the hill. The grass

blows wild around our feet. The taste

of your mouth intoxicates me. Soon

we’ll be gone and this scene deserted,


a fade to voices projecting

across oceans. A few still shots

to look back on, fill the space

between us. Only we know the subtext.

Jane Frank’s poems have recently appeared in Australian Poetry Journal, the Bimblebox Art Project and a number of other journals in Australia and the UK. Jane teaches a range of writing disciplines at Griffith University in both Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.