Contemporary Australian Poetry

After a Moment on Film by Lucy Dougan

The Humanity of Abstract Painting by Lisa Gorton


by Charlotte Guest


the gallery hums with

new encounters;

with the swarm and swell

of ordinary heresies. The air is



thin, loosened skin,

receptive to stimuli,

tingling with the close,

warm pulse

of the throng


a hundred flapping pamphlets.


Many permeable membranes

are in the midst of

an arcane




detail rips into me,

the world ripples into me,

discovery ripens me -

Euripides on the wall.

Charlotte Guest is the Publishing Officer at UWA Publishing, and a first class Literature Honours student from the University of Western Australia. Charlotte is also a regular reviewer for The Australia Times Theatre magazine. Her work has been previously published in a number of journals, including dotdotdash and Run Rabbit Magazine. She hopes one day to be able to translate Arabic literature into English.