Contemporary Australian Poetry

the war by Mark Roberts

Upon Reflection by Liana Christensen

Tai chi by the Pearl River

by Jake Goetz


we ‘cut the watermelon’ and laugh

as the cities casino eyes pulsicker:

veins of light threading us to the beat

of a hundred square-dancing retirees

moving in unison, as if blessed,

in what could be a worship to the polluted river

and the landscape of glass and cement.


carrying a sense of permanence

we are two actors in night’s staged wonder,

Sheng and Dan singing as in a Beijing Opera:

‘I want to throw our tickets to the wind!’

so perhaps then the past will remain cemented

beneath the street, and like these rollerbladers

the future will continue to speed before us, just missing

Jake Goetz is a writer from the southern suburbs of Sydney. He has also lived at a time in both Austria and Germany. His poetry has previously appeared in Otoliths, Voiceworks, Rabbit and The Sun Herald. He recently completed a Bachelor of Creative Writing from the University of Wollongong.