Contemporary Australian Poetry

Forgetting to buy the nets by Lisa Jacobson

Hood Wink by Corey Wakeling

The Frugal Meal

by Belinda Moxon


Limp hands cup a tender heart,

coiled tight,

too pale for good eating.

Young leaves wilt on picking.

Unfurled by quiet fingers,

torn and tossed to plate.


Tomatoes bruised and bluntly sliced,

gelatinous and seeping.

I plucked beefsteak, oxheart:


and weighty fruits

that smell like earthen sun

and summer dust.


I cast out bad flesh

and dress: a glossy lug.

This skimpy bowl is shared by two.


We are hungry; we make do.

Belinda Moxon is a Blue Mountains-born writer based in Melbourne. She is currently undertaking graduate studies in Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne, and in her spare time enjoys hearing live music and fossicking through hard rubbish.