Contemporary Australian Poetry

Great divide by Barnaby Smith

after The Secret Garden by Carolyn Abbs


by Jonothon Twist


a great bluey-grey ghoul of the sky swallows

a neon kick drum, juicing broken atoms, dead babies

fried chicken on a stick in a jug of bloody mary

the earth pushes out tears of destructive precum

banging out a disease to cull the parasite

hearts wither, sterile in exposure

to the elements we abase ourselves

in death and googly-eyed cash

peanut butter covered cock apocalypse

as popped and shattered limbs sprinkle

dead babies in flurries of blood

god changes the channel and jams

a wildlife park in his mouth

with bits of mountain in a steady staccato


a flying egg cracks and sags, vapours collapse

into an aurora borealis haemorrhage

we soar like ouroboros into unconsiousness

the hot urgent breath of despair and incomprehension

ultraviolent keratitis, singe my tongue to sleep

Jonothon Twist is a Perth poet who does his best to be a poetry club regular. He has been published in various print and online poetry journals including Uneven Floor, Recoil and Creatrix, and has had work included in a WA Poets Inc Anthology.