Contemporary Australian Poetry

Head by Alice Savona

 drinking why by Kevin Gillam

Untitled No. 2: unhinged

by Scott-Patrick Mitchell


doors don’t open any

-more: we walk through

walls instead


                       . molecular

is the vernacular tongued

by our spirit forms, half

-dead from a life led living

other people expectations


                     . unhinged

, you can’t get a handle

on this apparition thing

while you are still living

, so come, give in: play

dead with us



Scott-Patrick Mitchell is a performance poet and writer from Perth, Western Australia. Mitchell assisted in the production of WA’s first performance poetry anthology,
Fremantle Poets 3: Performance Poets (2013), and debuted his first solo show The Night Jar
at the 2014 Fringe World festival. John Kinsella has said of him that he “catches the zeitgeist crisply and ironically”.